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Local Business Spotlight: Mitchell’s Tuxedos


Mitchell’s Tuxedos is a small shop tucked in the back corner of the Asheville Mall, where they have been serving customers for over 35 years. A family owned business, this local enterprise is one of three storefronts in the mall that are not part of a big box retailer. Owner Kathy Beatty realizes that bigger is not better when it comes to providing customer service and that personal touch that clients crave for their important day. Mitchell’s Tuxedos offers the sale and renting of quality tuxedos for prom and weddings, as well as offering business suits available to rent for that important meeting or interview. “We clothe families through generations, and consider it a total commitment. It is so amazing to see some of our clients return with their sons or grandsons to rent their first suit,” Beatty tells us. 


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Romance sparkles at Biltmore

Posted on 02/08/2016 by Jean Sexton

In addition to celebrating the gorgeous costumes featured in our Fashionable Romance: Wedding Gowns in Film exhibition, our winemakers have crafted Romance Sparkling Sec--a wonderful new wine that honors the legacy of Edith Dresser Vanderbilt's family. 

On May 31, 1898, the Asheville Citizenreported the following story in connection with the upcoming marriage of George Vanderbilt and his fiancée Edith Dresser:

The wine with which the health of the bride is to be drunk at the wedding breakfast of Miss Edith Dresser and George Vanderbilt Thursday has a history, according to theWashington Post. Many years ago the wine cellar of Daniel Le Roy, one of the pioneer summer residents of Newport, was famous, and large sums were offered for what remained of it when Mr. Le Roy died. None of this famous wine was ever sold, but as the stock decreased Mrs. Le Roy directed that it should not be used except at the wedding of her grandchildren and their descendants, a certain number of bottles being apportioned to each.


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Cornelia Vanderbilt’s wedding - A sweet discovery

Posted on 04/29/2014 by Leeann Donnelly 

Monday's post covered a multitude of details surrounding the wedding of Cornelia Vanderbilt and John Cecil on April 29, 1924. Today we dig even deeper into one particular detail that our museum services team just recently discovered. It is a first for Biltmore. And it’s definitely the only.
Biltmore recently acquired a piece of cake for the Biltmore collection, which our curators confirm is the only edible artifact now housed in the archives. Cake? For the archives? Indeed. And even more of an enticing tidbit: we believe that today it turns 90 years old!
The discovery started with a phone call.
Candler resident Frederick Cothran, 96, found the cake in a trunk he inherited from his aunt, Bonnie Revis. Miss Revis was a cook at Biltmore House between 1924 and 1935. He contacted Biltmore’s museum services department to report that he had what he thought was a piece of cheese from Biltmore House. Not wasting any time, Laura Overbey paid a visit to Cothran. Overbey is the Collections Manager in Biltmore’s Museum Services department.

“Food is personal. People bond over it, and it’s easy to relate to it on several levels,” she says, and that’s why she had to see the cheese for herself.

When she met Cothran he presented her with a neat and tiny box engraved “Biltmore House” on the top. Two sets of monograms are engraved on either side: “CSV” for Cornelia Stuyvesant Vanderbilt; and “JFAC” for John Francis Amherst Cecil.


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